Sunday, April 13, 2014


Picture by me


well well well, this is what I am up to on a sunday morning, smelling good, stuck to my phone and being a princess hehe (should be studying -.-")

Monday, April 7, 2014


Pictures by Andi Cui

PREDATORY SHE Good afternoon my loves! and I should say good, as time here is crazy! you can be one day expecting luxurious sun to come and stay or be at home thanks to rain, but as it is said in Spain "April showers bring May flowers" (en abril aguas mil). But anyway, sunny days here are delicious as you can wear dresses without tights and walk around with bare legs feeling so good sunkissing you (mwaaahh!!). 

So, before putting away all our winter-spring stuff in the depths of our closets, I got inspired and just felt like wearing something more sleek, modern, with pure lines yet with a subtle turquoise mink touch. Yeap Yeap!! and the only one who could make this masterpiece was my friend Andi. This dress is from his "Predatory She" collection, which is by the way, something unique to own. Its design is completely out from this world, I mean, have you ever seen such a dress like that? when modernity meets femininity, I'd never have come with such a fantastic and elegant result. My veredict towards this dress? Superb! 
Have a good monday loves!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Pictures by Andi Cui

BRAND NEW DAY As we speak, I've been trying to sleep since 00.00h being almost 7 am :( So I decided to get out of bed (which by the way is the hardest thing to do on a Monday morning) and get updated with all my files on the computer. Obviously my loves, you may have noticed my long absence since my last post and as always, there is a reason, which is that studying hard, I got a severe sprain on my ankle when leaving the library being almost impossible to do anything, even going out. So you must know how much I missed my favorite photographer and doing this (: (But hey, every cloud has a silver lining and going back to our dutty, today I wanted to share a look that Andi encouraged me to wear, that at the beginning and suggested by phone, it didn't really convinced me but finally and if I think the same as you, the result came to be spectacular!

So for this outfit, I wore an asymetrical- givenvhy inspired sweatshirt, a grey tube skirt from Zara combined with a pair of spiky pointed heels. As accessories, this fabulous half turquoise half tortoise warfayrer sunglasses from brand Firmoo that I've loved since I received them on exactly new year (Thanks Tina ;))and that you should check out their website by clicking here as they offer a huge variety of sunglasses and specs on trend which obviously completes any outtfit, (ppssst! you guys know that accessories determine the style we want to show to the world :) Hope you guys like it! And have a good day-monday <3 

Friday, February 21, 2014


REMEMBER I remember 2-3 years ago, when all these stuff of blogs and bloggers were rising, that this belt was on top of every wishlist. It was craved, loved, searched but only a small percent of the world population could get this in their hands. Eventhough, we got the ones who got tired of searching and got it via Ebay for 200€ without knowing about its authenticity. Ok, so when I was 16 I found it on a hidden store (yeah, hidden between Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, etc) selling samples of high luxury brands, but very old samples and between them, I found it. Yes, I found it in cream colour and orange carrot colour so my options were not very wide. Obviously, I chose the cream (as you may  have seen on my blog) one and I payed 40€, having a speech with the shop-owner questioning about its authenticity (3 years later I still have my doubts).

So, skipping this flashback, last year, around summer, Andi kept my belt on his bag before going to a harper's bazaar x H&M party and since then we have forgot its existance, but now, as I am bored at home with my leg broken, I am surfing on the internet, as I can't go on shopping also ;( and found this on Net-a-Porter. I don't know if I am the last knowing this but it is pretty cool to see that Moschino is producing them again. You can get it in white or black(I am seriously thinking about getting one!)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


FRESH START! As I was preparing this post I got so overwhelmed and had to stop a couple of times, wink or blink (however it is said in english) and realize how many experiences and memories I lived and shared, it is quite insane how fast time flies. Looking back at all what I, or I should say we with mr. Cui included, lived, I can´t be anything but happy and proud, with more energy to work as hard as we did in the 2013 and get ready for all the things to come.

Making a review of what we did, sounds amazing for a blog that has been live for 1 year, and it's quite crazy now that I see all these images: Since the beginning of the year, we got the chance to work with brands that treats us really really good, we got invited to parties and VIP parties were we got the pleasure to meet spanish fabulous celebrities and stylish people from this world, this year I was even more than surprised when people stopped me asking if I was Patricia from Chic le Chine :O, having the chance to be shot for Harper's Bazaar Spain and H&M as the winner of #HMROCKANDBLOG, making friends that support me day by day and reading every single comment that pushes me forward to continue and continue. But hey! after all this parragraphing, we shoud not forget the one who makes possible this little baby keep going on, ANDII!!! My dear good old and talented friend, he knows me the best since 2010 and he might be the only one who knows how to get my best side (in both senses, photography and personal), in my opinion, his skills on photography are getting better and better everyday with incredible results and a satisfied friend hehe.

It's 2014 and it's the beginning of a new year and fresh starts. You know, now that you have said goodbye to all the good and bad things from 2013, make this one count more than the last one. I wish you all a happy new year and that all your resolutions, ambitions, wishes, etc are met throughout the year.